Combining Blinds and Shades

Are there treatments that combine a blind and shade together?

Most people have had the experience of using blinds (mini, vertical, or wood styles) and shades (roller, honeycomb, or Roman styles) over the course of their lives. Some enjoy the function and versatility that blinds offer, while others prefer the softness and elegance of fabric shades. Are there products that offer the benefits of blinds and the features of shades in a single package? The answer is yes! There are several that combine together the best parts of each treatment. Some examples include horizontal sheer shadings and banded shades, sometimes referred to as transitional shade.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades



One incredible example of a treatment that combines aspects of both a blind and shade is the Hunter Douglas Silhouette® shade, first introduced to homeowners in 1992 and still very popular today. It is essentially a fabric version of a wooden horizontal blind, made soft and elegant by the sheer facings and fabric from which the treatment is made. The lack of route holes and internal cords results in a functional treatment that looks as good as it works. The user can adjust the fabric louvers to control privacy without being forced to raise their shade in order to see outside, which is especially important for windows facing the front of the house or bedrooms. In these spaces, privacy is especially important. We consider the Hunter Douglas Silhouette® shade a dressy and elegant fabric shade that opens and closes like a blind.

The success of the Silhouette® shade has led to the development of other treatments which incorporate the features of blinds and shades into a single treatment. The banded or transitional shade is a more recent shading that has become popular and is sometimes referred to as a “double” roller shade. A traditional roller shade is a solid piece of fabric that rolls up and down on your window. The newer banded shade uses two layers of fabrics, combining solid bands with alternating sheer portions and allowing for effortless transition from open to closed. For this reason, the banded shade is considered to be a modern solution capable of controlling light and privacy while offering convenient portals to the world outside.

The Hunter Douglas Pirouette® is another custom treatment that falls into the “blind/shade” category. This unique product has the ability to suspend horizontal fabric vanes, allowing them to float gracefully in the window. The use of thin monofilaments along with its innovative design allows the shade to be opened and closed in the lowered position. The view outside can be enjoyed without lifting the shade, giving the user total control of their privacy and light. Hunter Douglas is updating this collection in the summer of 2020 to include several new fabrics, fashion forward colors, and enhanced operating systems.

These treatments combine innovation with style to create highly functional treatments that also happen to look great. You can see these products along with many others, and try them out firsthand in our beautiful showroom at Instant Verticals in Farmingdale. We believe that coming in and testing the features of these products yourself can ensure many years of enjoying happiness with your new custom window treatments. Hand samples can also be demonstrated in your home when you schedule a free shop-at-home appointment during which we will share our expertise with you and make suggestions for your windows. After reviewing the pros and cons of each treatment, seeing the actual shade in your window can make that decision a lot easier, and a lot more rewarding!