Photography Courtesy of Hunter Douglas Inc.


  • One of the most affordable and durable options.
  • Look and feel of natural wood, but made of synthetic materials.
  • Perfect for high humidity areas.
  • Large selection of white/neutral and real-looking grain finishes.
  • Guaranteed not to fade, warp, yellow, or bow.
  • Decorative tapes, valance upgrades, and cordless lift options are available.


Faux wood blinds have the look and feel of natural wood, but are made from various synthetic products. Since they are moisture-resistant, they are a smart choice for bathrooms and other high-humidity areas. Faux wood is a durable product that offers an affordable option for covering many windows.

Instant Verticals offers many painted and stained looks that are available from the different name-brand manufacturers that we carry. With a wide selection to choose from, we can use a simple white neutral look or match furniture and cabinetry with a stained wood tone.

Using the identical hardware as real wood blinds, you can depend on many years of trouble-free operation. All faux wood blinds are finished with a decorative valance to complete the look.