Cordless Shades

Cordless shades have become the operating system of choice for many who purchase custom window treatments. They make  blinds and shades very easy to use and at the same time eliminate the risk of accidental strangulation. Many manufacturers will offer promotional upgrades to cordless systems which has quickly helped cordless blinds and shades  become the new norm.

Hunter Douglas LiteRise System


Cordless shades come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. Continuously expanding their product line, Hunter Douglas has an operating system for their blinds called LiteRise®, which allows many of their popular product lines to have a cordless option. Available on the Applause®, Roman & Roller Shade®, Everwood®, Silhouette®, Solera® and more – Hunter Douglas has a cordless option for every situation. Since the LiteRise® system is available on such a large variety of products, the options are endless for your cordless selection!

Because shades must be raised in order to see out of a window or use a sliding glass door,  being able to do this easily and reliably is important. We have all experienced a stuck or crooked shade before.  Cordless shades allow you to simply use a handle in the middle of the shade to adjust – no pulling at an angle or trying to get it to lock, just an easy raising or lowering of the bottom rail that will only make you more likely to use your window treatment because it is that easy.

Growing awareness of accidental child strangulations led to the passing of laws prohibiting the sale of certain corded blinds and shades. The elimination of these treatments led to a huge reduction in accidental strangulations of both children and pets. This favorable legislation has increased the use of cordless shades and blinds and  drastically reduced the number of these unfortunate accidents.

The cordless category includes retractable cords as well as motorized window treatments. With continued  advancement in  technology improving the performance of  battery-operated motorization, cordless models become even more viable and affordable to mainstream Americans, who especially appreciate the five-year warranty that these  are typically protected by. The more common manually-operated cordless operating systems are often provided  with a lifetime warranty  that is typical of  Hunter Douglas, Graber, Comfortex and others.

There are many instances in which a cordless system makes the most sense. The most obvious is a toddler’s bedroom, where safety is more important than anything else. But also think stylistically, of a bay or bow window where three, four, or even five shades might sit subtly in the window frame without the sight of unattractive, tentacle-like cords. Shades that are safe, elegant, and easy to use- it is no wonder to us why so many customers are walking into our showroom and specifically asking for cordless shades.

Cordless blinds and shades are available in most of the popular styles – cellular, Roman, Silhouette®, pleated, wood and faux wood, roller and solar shades, Solera, zebra shades, woven natural shades, and more. Whether consumers are seeking safety, convenience, or just a great-looking window covering, cordless shades are a great option.  Visit our showroom in Farmingdale where you can see all of these treatments on display and you can try them out yourself!