Solera Shades

An elegant yet functional treatment with clean horizontal folds that pleat and stack neatly when raised.


Combine the beauty and appearance of fine drapery with the ease of a shade.  An elegant Roman often eliminates the need for valances and layers of drapery.


Choose from flat or hobbled pleats, various folded styles, and  light filtering or room darkening opacities.


Each manufacturer whose Roman shades we carry offers different benefits, features, and fabric selections.


Available in corded, cordless, motorized, and top-down/ bottom-up styles. We even carry Roman shades to fit irregularly shaped windows!

Solera Shades


Hunter Douglas’s signature Solera® line has been designed with both the quality and appeal that Hunter Douglas is known for. Available in a large variety of fabrics and colors, Hunter Douglas has a style of Solera® shade to fit every need. Providing the benefits of energy efficiency, Solera soft shades trap air to help keep the cold out in the winter and the cool in during the summer. In addition to the energy benefits, Solera® shades also improve room acoustic by helping to reduce outside noise.

One of the greatest advantages of Roman shades is their timeless appeal. Because of the classic, centuries-old design, they continue to be one of the most desirable types of shades. Perhaps their greatest appeal is the almost limitless range of fabric choices that are available – Roman shades can be made from just about any type of fabric, allowing designers to land precisely on their desired looks. A talented seamstress can turn a few yards of fabric into an elegant window treatment. Whether our customers end up with a contemporary flat Roman or a traditional hobbled shade (combined with a carefully chosen fabric, of course), they are often elated with what the Roman shade can offer.

Hunter Douglas has been fabricating their Vignette® Modern Roman Shades for many years now and they continue to improve their collection, making timely fashion-forward color updates and product enhancements to ensure that these coveted Roman shades look and perform their best. For instance, our customers typically place these shades in living rooms, dining rooms, and master bedrooms that will often face the front of their homes. This means that the appearance of the back of the shade is just as important as that of the front, and for that reason, Hunter Douglas ensured that their Vignette® Modern Roman would impress from all angles.

In many cases, custom Roman shades made in workrooms come with unsightly cords or awkward-looking backsides that do not seem to fold “right.” Hunter Douglas was able to design their Roman shade so as to hide all cords and ensure that the shade is aesthetically pleasing from the inside as well as the outside. Recent headrail engineering changes introduced in October of 2020 have enhanced the Vignette® Modern Roman even further, combining their classic appearance with advanced functionality features like the effortless Literise® cordless lift system and easy-to-use Powerview motorization.  These truly are the best Roman shades available to homeowners.

Choosing from thousands of available fabrics can be overwhelming, and so Hunter Douglas has created a smart collection of fabrics sourced from different continents around  the world. The  collection includes  15 fabrics  ranging from sheer  to room darkening in  over 75 colors. A smaller and more concise collection of the most popular styles and textures has been made  available for those who wish to make the process easier, and all fabrics are available in a crisp flat fold or full soft fold.

The Duolite® operating system has become a popular choice for those who prefer darker bedrooms where they can get the best night’s sleep. This proprietary operating system from Hunter Douglas positions a room-darkening liner behind the classic Roman shade, allowing homeowners to enjoy the softness of a light-filtering Roman during the day and then the comfort and privacy of a blackout shade at night time. Just another great product enhancement for the Vignette® Modern Roman shade!

Visit our beautiful showroom in Farmingdale where you can see many different types of Roman shades, as well as the Hunter Douglas Vignette® Modern Romans. We are happy to educate and help you to make the smartest choices for your custom window treatments. You may also take advantage of our free shop-at-home service, where we will share our expertise with you and show you samples in your home, under your lighting, at your convenience.  Call today or visit our beautiful showroom on Route 110 in  Farmingdale.