When to Purchase Blinds

When Should You be Shopping For New Blinds?

One question that we hear all the time is, “When is the best time to buy window blinds?” Truthfully, there are so many different answers to that question that we have decided to compile a list of tips, rather than a single, comprehensive answer, that may help you to decide Obviously we are a little biased on this matter, but we are hopeful that one or more of them will resonate with you and the people you share a home with!

Hunter Douglas Everwood Blinds

Blinds come in a large variety of materials and styles, and the Hunter Douglas Everwood line is a great wood alternative with a classic look that’s tough against weather and sun. Resistant to yellowing, warping and bowing, they are a great option for bathrooms, and rooms with open, sunny windows. Everwood blinds are also great for bedrooms, with additional room darkening features, such as the elimination of cord holes, blocking 50% more light than traditional wood blinds.

Tip #1: Purchase your blinds in advance

There are several steps in the process of getting the right treatment into a space, including detailed measurements, customization, and the actual installation. If everything goes as planned the process will normally take several weeks, and since window treatments are often overlooked in the midst of larger home improvement projects, it is important to budget for the needed time. After all, no one wants to finish a room only to find that they must wait to see the final product, or that their cozy new living is not so private without the right window treatments.

Tip #2: Pair new blinds with larger decoration and improvement projects

More than most, we know about the joys associated with projects around the house, especially those spontaneous ones that seem to come together piece-by-piece. A new set of blinds can easily increase the impact of new furniture, a different coat of paint, or a fresh new carpet. For many of our customers a new set blinds can even have an impact of its own. We recommend taking advantage of these moments, when changes are already in the works and creative juices are flowing, to take on a new set of blinds. We believe the word is synergy!


There are some common pairings, and we thought we would list them here for the homeowners wondering which kinds of blinds might go well with the new furniture they ordered for their space. Vertical blinds, for example, are commonly used in rooms that are more modern or contemporary in style. We find that their ninety-degree angles create a sharp image when paired with the sleek, perpendicular furniture pieces found in modern style rooms. Shades and fabrics, on the other hand, tend to be used sparingly in these homes. Wooden blinds and high-quality fabrics are often used in classic style homes, where texture and color tend to be focal points. Why not make blinds part of your next home design project?


Those who are starting to explore modern or contemporary aspects of design in their homes might enjoy these tips from Decorilla. They cover a range of techniques used by modern stylists to get the most out of a renovation, from art and furniture additions to special management.

Tip #3: A new set of blinds can fit a healthier lifestyle

We all aspire to be healthy, and this is reflected in everything from our eating and exercise habits to our homes. A simple adjustment like a new set of blinds can bring about several health benefits. For this reason, we believe that anyone who has already determined to lead a better, healthier life, also happens to be amid the perfect opportunity to purchase new blinds for their windows. For example, we know that natural light in the home has a range of physical and mental benefits, and many styles can be opened and closed with the single turn of a wand. This Healthline article discusses some of the health benefits of increased exposure to natural light, which include increased levels of vitamin D and extra defense against seasonal affective disorder, or seasonal depression. It also contains other helpful strategies to pair with that new set of blinds to maximize the natural light in your home!


Likewise, to “get more sleep” is one of the more common New Year’s resolutions in today’s world- what if a set of blackout shades in the bedroom can help to get you there and spark a positive change? A summary conducted by the BBC provides interesting detail as to how, over the years, the typical western bedroom has gotten lighter, and explores some of the health related consequences of such a shift.

Tip #4: Big changes can mean small changes too

Blinds have everything to do with creating a private space. It was their original purpose at least, and the steady trend toward vertical blinds shows the value that homeowners place on privacy. What if we told you that some of the best opportunities to buy new blinds include some of the most important, life changing moments in a person’s life? It is not so far out there, we think. Moments like bringing a new child into the world, caring for an elderly parent at home, or even starting a new romance can create the need for privacy in your space. And so when things start changing around a person in a big way, a new set of blinds might be welcome and appropriate.

Tip #5: There really is no reason to wait

Weeding and seeding the lawn happens in the spring time, driveways are installed only at times when the concrete will be able to settle, and painting interiors tends to happen in the colder months because, frankly, who wants to be outside in the cold? Blinds represent a different kind of project, because outside of those living in particularly warm climates, there is not one time of the year when purchasing blinds happens more often. They can make a space comfortable and private, and even help us to live healthier. Even if a person is not planning a renovation, or in the middle of a life change, we have the same advice- when it comes to purchasing new blinds, there really isn’t anything to wait for!